mardi 6 décembre 2022

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Changer le monde 1 sourire à la fois

« My name is Yousef Saleh Erakat and I wanna change the world one smile at a time. »

@fouseyTUBE , de son vrai nom Yousef Saleh Erakat est un youtuber que j’adore. Il me fait rire toutes les semaines. Ce gars n’hésite pas à enfiler un pantalon moulant de Yoga pour ses vidéos, seul ou avec une amie. En plus de son physique avantageux, il a un accent plein de musique et un rire communicatif. Son Twitter, son Facebook  et son Instagram.
Je vous invite aussi à vous abonner sur sa chaine (fous-rires garantis!!).

Mais il y a 2 semaines, il a publié une vidéo intitulée « THE HOMELESS CHILD EXPERIMENT! » très touchante.

I began this film with the intent of glorifying the goodness of society after watching the video shot in a European country where everyone gave Johannes a jacket when he was cold. I did not expect to capture so much lack of empathy. We shot all day, and came out with $2.10 which was all returned. The issue is not about him « not looking homeless enough » or « people thinking he’s a scam. » It’s about how they don’t even try to look and turn a blind eye so they can go about their days. Was it too much to stop for two seconds and ask him what was up? Where his parents were? Where his sister was sleeping? Nothing. And it was truly heartbreaking. We have the opportunity to help out and take it for granted while kids in other countries are dying and have no helping hand. Where is the love?

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